Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.

Mexica / Toltec Healing

Mexica / Toltec Healing: November 2012 – present

In November 2012, I was introduced to Sergio Magaňa’s books and teachings. I immediately began morning meditations and sacred breathing exercises. I embraced these meditations because they are incredibly powerful at cleansing the “inner shadow”. Subsequent intensive trainings with Sergio, both in Mexico and Canada, have expanded my repertoire of Mexica healing techniques. This is my favorite healing modality because it connects to the healing power of the earth and cosmos and the knowledge of the ancients. It offers tools and techniques that every client can embrace to facilitate their own healing journey. It allows each one of us to “cleanse our shadow” and replace the disease or emotional challenge with a new idea and pattern to become the wise, wonderful person we were meant to be.

Roxana participating in a ceremonial opening of the directions. | Photo Cred. J. RoshonSmall obsidian mirror and tools used in some Mexica / Toltec healing sessions. | Photo Cred. R. Roshon