Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.


Healing Sessions

 mizton-december-cropped “Powerful is an understatement! Life-changing! You are such an intelligent and gifted being, but above all you exhibit the loving kindness and generosity that I feel is so rare in society these days. I can’t describe what is happening to me right now, but changes are taking place. I’m beginning to find my way, again. Thank you, Roxana, you are a beautiful, incredible and inspiring soul. What a gift you have shed upon my life.”  ~ Shauna
flowers1 “Oh my goodness! I am in awe!!! After having a persistent cough, I processed everything that you, Roxana, worked on. And I swear it was like all of a sudden, my cough just stopped! I slept all night, except for the times I was awake in amazement of what just happened!!!! I cannot believe it. I was dying to tell you all night. Wow! I think that is all I have to say right now! Roxana, you are a very special person! Thanks for making this happen! ” ~ Erika
 flowers2  “Over the course of several sessions, Roxana was very helpful in bringing my body back into a sense of balance. Her gentle and non-intrusive approach was amazingly effective in helping me with a number of issues, including deeper sleep, increased energy, decreased fatigue, relieving a sense of pressure on my throat, releasing fluid, and rebalancing my elimination system. I feel very fortunate to have benefited from Roxana’s skills and would highly recommend her to others.” ~ Judy
 flowers3 “Usually, when I begin working with a new practitioner, it’s because I need to – because I’ve either been advised to do so, or it just feels like it’s the next step in my healing process. With Roxana, it was more out of curiosity that I booked our first appointment, but it only took one session for me to realize how invaluable her talents and skills are. During that first session, I complained to Roxana about my insatiable appetite for fatty foods. (Even when it comes to almond butter, which is crazily nutritious, five tablespoons a day is enough to make my bum jiggle.)” Read more… ~ Avril
 flowers4  “I just wanted to let you know that was awesome. I felt very good after leaving your house and still do. The gloom is lifted and the pain and stiffness is way better. Anyway, thank you so much.” ~ Laurie
 flowers5  “It is a gift working with Roxana. She is able to successfully blend her skills and knowledge with her unique intuitive knowing into a very powerful therapy. Her respect for her clients along with her honesty and sense of awe in the process turn sessions into a very deep, ripe healing experience. Highly recommended!” ~ Cheryl


Swallowtail on Clover Mystic Tea Workshop – Welcoming The Elements

“Thank you for a really lovely event last week! The Mystic Tea on the elements was so grounding and enriching. I look forward to attend more of your offerings!” ~ Christine
flowers6 Mexica Healing Workshop
“That was a FABULOUS workshop! I really enjoyed it and look forward to incorporating the techniques you taught so masterfully.” ~ Mary C. Davis
Swallowtail on Clover Mystic Tea Workshop – Smudging and Space Clearing

“Roxana, you truly are a gifted woman and an incredible teacher! We are truly meant to cross paths and I most grateful for crossing with yours.” ~ Lora


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