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A New Story

Posted July 4, 2019

We all grew up with stories from parents, teachers, mentors, ministers, relatives, and society in general. Those teachings rang true when we were trying to be part of the mainstream tribe. For me, most of those paradigms fell away more than eight years ago when I left the world of toxicology consulting. Every day, I feel like different stories and beliefs are being tested. The old beliefs included the emotions of guilt, shame, blame, fear, worry, anxiety, distrust, hatred, and other feelings that drain us. The new story includes emotions of healing, love, trust, understanding, compassion, joy, and other sentiments that nourish us.

   I am experiencing the old story, the ancestral patterns, and bygone beliefs shifting and releasing. A wonderful example from my life is how I grew up believing that I had to be perfect in everything that I did. Perfect to the point of getting 101% in my Grade 12 Biology Class because I answered all the bonus questions correctly. The universe has recently taught me that I am the best human being that I can be in this moment.

   In the Mexican healing practices, you are required to repeat certain exercises on particular days. In June, I missed a day. In the past, I would have been very upset and listened to the critical voice in my head. This time around, after a brief allergy attack in front of the workshop participants, I took the learning in stride. Previously, I would have been distraught because how can I teach unless I am doing everything according to the “rules”? In this moment, I realized that I am the best teacher I can be because I am also learning as I move forward. I really like my new story and this new recently discovered way of looking at events in my life.

I am ready to embrace my new story. How about you?

To the New You!
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