Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.

A Virus with a Purpose

Posted June 16, 2020

COVID-19 is here to wake up Humanity.

It’s here to help Humanity walk through the remnants of our shadow, our fears, our anger, our resentment, our resistance. The 3-D reality of this world, this forgetting that Humanity is part of an ecosystem. This beautiful, amazing global ecosystem. Humans are part of an ecosystem. When humans forgot they are part of an ecosystem, and fell into fear, it allowed a virus, the smallest organism, to screech humanity to a stop.

It has allowed those of us who are awakening, who are conscious, who are aware, to pause, to reflect, to look at the last pieces of ourselves that need healed. Our anger, our fear any of those last shadow sides that were still possible to come forward. It’s allowing us to heal a really, really, deep, deep soul levels. Ancestrally, karmically, when you are ready for the healing it comes both ancestrally, karmically, and in all ways and it is actually coming in at the cellular DNA level. Humanity needs to change our DNA, to allow our DNA to vibrate at a Higher Frequency. To allow the fear, and the anger, and the frustration, and the worry, and the resentment to drain out of every cell in our body so that we can embrace this life, this passion, this newness, this excitement, this Higher Vibration.

As Humanity moves from the Fifth Sun to the Sixth Sun, from the 3-D to the 5-D, this virus is waking us up. We either choose to move into the Age of Enlightenment or we choose to live in the pit of fear, in the pit of despair. I AM choosing to move towards the light, to move towards the Sixth Sun, the Fifth Dimension. When Humanity recognizes and realizes that we are a vibration, that we are energy and what we do with our energy reflects back, so when we live in light and love and healing and hope and spread our love across this globe, that’s when all of those things Humanity has feared can melt away. The wars, the resentment, the resistance, the bigotry, all of those can melt away because I am a human being and you are a human being and that’s all that matters. Each one of us came to this planet at this time to heal our karmic and ancestral stuff, so allow yourself to heal, allow yourself to find your openness, your newness, your excitement. Your excitement to live in this time when we get to redefine the life on the other side, the life that we move forward into, this life of love and light and understanding and compassion. That’s the life I am going to live and you get to choose too, whether you will fall into the pit of despair, because of a virus, or whether you will thank the virus for opening you up to a whole new way of looking at the world. A whole new way of looking at yourself and this interconnection this web of the ecosystem that we call Earth. This web, we are just a piece of it, we are a part of it, we are an energetic component of this web of life.

Now that we remember this energetic component that we are, more and more of us can wake up and move into the Sixth Sun, move towards the Age of Enlightenment, the Age of Love, that so many of us have dreamed of for so long. It is time, it is time for us to wake up and move towards Inner Love, Inner Healing, Inner Wholeness as we move to be our best selves and move into the Higher Vibration and learn to stay there, learn to stay out of the heavier emotions, learn to be true to who we are and who we were meant to be.


Blessed Be


This audio file was recorded during a client session on June 16th, 2020. It is reproduced here with encouragement from the client.