Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.

Be Gentle

Posted December 11, 2019

Those of you who have received my new client follow-up email have read

the words, “As you continue to integrate your healing and opening, remember to be gentle with yourself and allow the new patterns to move through you.” For me and many clients, this autumn has been a time to recall the importance of being very gentle on ourselves and those around us. It is important to bring forward the affirmative emotions of kindness, caring, and love to oneself and others as the energy of humanity shifts and changes. 

There are many times when it is easy to find comfort in the old patterns of being hard on, and judgmental of, ourselves and those around us. For me in particular, the old habit that resurfaced is being critical of myself when my body didn’t respond the way I desired. In my role as a facilitator of journeys of healing and awakening, I found myself falling back into feeling flattened. When my body decided to host a virus for a week, I felt embarrassed and uncomfortable. Now that the virus has moved on, I understand that a piece of this learning was leaving behind the bizarre sense of comfort that I felt in the familiarity of hosting a virus. As strange as this might sound, there were many years in my teens and early adulthood that I coughed and snuffled straight through from October to April. Now, focusing on how short-term the cough lasted is important in accepting and understanding my humanity. And honestly, what else could I expect with the intensity of October and November?

In the past, we believed that healing was work; challenging, forceful, painful, and time consuming. As we grow and move forward, we are understanding that our healing is meant to be gentle, kind, and caring. Many clients are noticing that we are still going deep in their sessions, yet it is in a very gentle and nurturing way. Be grateful to yourself and your ego for allowing these old and unnecessary patterns to now release gently.

So in this season, open your heart wide and feel the energy of love and gentleness that shifts humanity towards consciousness.