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Book Review: “Beyond Positive Thinking”

Posted January 30, 2016

Beyond Positive Thinking“Beyond Positive Thinking:  A No-Nonsense Formula for Getting the Results You Want”
By Dr. Robert Anthony (2004)

Seven years ago when Roxana and I started dating, we had many conversations around the state of our environment and world (and still do, actually). As you can imagine, we had differing view points. One area we did agree on, however, is that when we focus on problems we just attract more of them. Conversely, the more we focus on the positive and good things in life, the more things around us shift towards our benefit.

For the past year, the majority of my reading has been on the subject of of self-improvement, and it has been somewhat revelatory to find that EVERYONE in the field agrees with that thinking.  I recently finished Dr. Robert Anthony’s “Beyond Positive Thinking” (which was highly recommended to me, and which I will do the same for you) and shared these paragraphs in the final chapter with Roxana.

“What we fail to understand is when we have billions of people doing things that they do not want to do, it creates unhappiness. That unhappiness creates a collective energy that goes into the environment and causes more damage to the planet than everything else combined. It is like anger causing an ulcer. The anger created the ulcer, just as people’s sadness creates the negative result in the environment.
There are many people concerned about he environment of the planet. They want to save rivers, oceans and the forest. While that may be commendable, I can tell you that the energy from so many unhappy people on this planet is what is poisoning the environment more than everything else combined.
We will not solve our environmental problems until we solve the sad energy problem. What we don’t realize is that our physical environmental problems are created from the negative energy that comes from billions of unhappy people. Instead of trying to clean up the environment, we need to clean up the thinking and unhappiness of the people…

What are your thoughts? Does our happiness affect the world around us?

Written by Steven Lidkea