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Book Review: “Return to Pangaea – A Shamanic Journey Back to Newfoundland Roots”

Posted April 3, 2018

By Alison Normore 

Alison is a colleague, a shamanic healer, who lived in Guelph before moving back to Newfoundland (the place of her birth). As I read this, her first book, I noticed the synchronicity that led her forward on her path. When she accepted divine guidance, things proceeded more smoothly. It was also a real description of heart break and loss, which are important on the human journey of exploring our depths to find our light. With her descriptions of Guelph and her practicing out of Orchard Park, I found comfort in the familiar. Even though Newfoundland is the only province neither Steve nor I have visited, I was able to visualize the places she described. When we do visit this magical place, we will be doing so from the place of ceremony and sacredness. An interesting read…