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Book Review: Struggles of a Dreamer – The Battle Between a Dream and Tradition

Posted June 8, 2018

By Yahaya Baruwa

I originally picked up this book assuming it would be about our nighttime dream state. To my pleasant surprise it turned out to be an interesting novel depicting ways in which we can live our lives. As the young boy’s grandmother reminds him “Often when the worst happens to you in life, it is not life punishing you; it is life pushing you to wake up.” Wisely included in this narrative are guidelines for living our lives, with the first one being “A man must strive to be definite in his endeavors; in other words, he must have a vision. This is vital if any man truly desires to make his dream a reality, for a vision is like the stars that shine brightly and reliably in the night sky…” You’ll have to pick up and read this book to receive insights into five other recommended qualities. An easy read to take on vacation with you as summer rolls around.