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Book Review: Vital Living – Walk for a Calmer You

Posted March 7, 2022

Two years ago when Steve and I started walking regularly, he stumbled across this adorable little book “Vital Living – Walk for a Calmer You” by Becky Dickinson (2019). We both read this short book (96 pg) and learned some new facts. Walking really is the best exercise for overall health and mental well-being. All you need is a pair of sturdy walking shoes. Walking is one of those activities during which your busy ego-based mind can rest and your creative insights can come forward. This book reinforced the pleasures I experience when I walk barefoot all year round. Standing shoe-less in the snow really brings a smile to my face. I did my first mindful meditative walk 25 years ago and reading the section on “Mindful Walking” strengthened my love of movement in nature. 

If you enjoy a good read, this is a perfect resource to combine your love of words and reignite your body’s need for movement.  Spring is right around the corner and this is an optimal time to start stretching your limbs through gentle movement.