Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.

Breathing in Nature

Posted September 12, 2020

In August, I had the pleasure of spending one afternoon forest bathing under a white pine canopy. Five of us drank pine tea, breathed in the pine aerosols (alpha and beta pinenesa), conducted limpia (Spanish for smudging and purification) with small pine branches, and assisted with pruning the pine trees. We each brought home pine needles that I made into more tea, used for additional limpiadetoxified my feet, and restored my body in my bath water. As I write this, I am drinking pine tea combined with lemon balm from our garden. 

Over the summer, I have taught four plant workshops and loved each one of them. Plants at Ignatius and in our backyard are loving the attention. Outdoor sessions in Guelph and in Neustadt have allowed me and many others to sit and lay outside in nature. Nature has amazing healing abilities and has participated in every session. 

In addition to spending lots of healing time outside, it is appropriate that we physically breathe in the energy of nature. Breathe in the energy of the sun. Inhale the energy of plants. Breathe in the energy of rocks and minerals. Inhale the energy of water. Inspire the air. Fill yourself up on the healing power of nature. Expire what no longer serves you. Exhale love and peace. Feel how this breathing in, physically and energetically, changes your energy and your being. If we all pause every day to breathe deeply, our energy integrates with the energy of the sun, wind, water, and earth. This calms us. Feel yourself relaxing as you read this and breathe with the rhythm of  our amazing planet.

Breathe with me and with all…