Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.

Bright Lights

Posted December 14, 2020

As we approach the Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2020, my heart expands. Divine guidance has participated as I’ve recorded a new video, a Bright Lights Meditation. In this meditation, our inner lights and hearts connect in a global way. If it feels appropriate, listen to this meditation every day until the Winter Solstice.

Today is a solar eclipse. From what I’ve been reading, our energy continues to magnify. A candle is burning as I write these words. Many people are lighting candles tonight and every night through December 21st. Our intention is to raise our vibration so that we disperse all heavy energy. Share this with others. Create unity. By lighting these flames, we are honouring the earth, the elements, and all beings.

Humanity has predicted and awaited this moment. As we approach December 21st at 8:30 am EST, we change how we direct and focus our energy. As a species, we are moving from the darkness of the Fifth Sun into the brightness of the Sixth Sun (also known as the Age of Aquarius). How are you celebrating and acknowledging this turning point?

My light to your light. Your light to my light. May all light connect!