Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.

Defining Moments

Posted September 6, 2016

DefiningMoment As the last days of summer unfold, I sit here reflecting on the last couple of months. There have been some moments that I know have defined me in the instant and others that will shape me as I move forward.

In particular, Steve and I spent the last weekend of August at an event in Blue Mountain. One of the mainstream speakers mentioned “I am being requested by spirit to tell you a story.” and “I’ve not been good at seeing energy, but I can feel it.” After his presentation, I went to thank him for speaking so frankly about energy in front of several hundred people. This was one of those moments that I know is defining my path forward as I open up about the energy that I can feel and sense.

This leads to a very exciting point, as I’ve been invited to write a chapter on Energy Healing for an edited text book entitled “Holistic Healing: Theories, Research and Practices”. It will be published by Canadian Scholar Press and will be available for students in human services including social work, psychology, Indigenous studies, health, nutrition and other disciplines. I will admit that I am very enthusiastic and am looking forward to the writing process.

In terms of training, I did a two-day workshop with Sergio Magaña where we learned two ancient Mexican healing techniques, “Pleiadian Initiation” and “Eight Bands of Healing”. With Sergio Magaña and Charlie Morley, I took a two-day workshop on “Lucid Living, Conscious Dying”. With impressive results, I’ve used these techniques as part of individual sessions and my own healing practice. Feel free to ask for more information on these techniques.

LifeDefiningMoment2When we visited family in Alberta in June, I focused on allowing life to unfold and not feeling like I was “rescuing” anyone. During our first “staycation” in August  when we had our roof replaced with cedar shakes, we did lots of bike riding, reading and relaxing.

The above has shaped my summer. It has been interesting to be able to recognize the defining moments as they unfold. In the past, I would have looked back and recognized in hindsight the moments that defined my life.

What moments are defining you? Feel free to share your stories.