Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.


Posted July 7, 2021


This month, I am going to share two stories from how my life has unfolded since we last connected. These stories describe how important inner reflection is when making decisions. 

This first story was a wonderful experience when I knew everything was unfolding perfectly. I had 20 minutes between finishing my day at Ignatius and a walk with friends. I had forgotten some flowers at home that were originally intended as a gift. I briefly considered rushing home for the flowers. Yet, I knew that rushing was not in my best interest. So instead, I sat in a meadow and rested. To my delight, a doe ran from the woods and marsh area on my right onto the gravel driveway. The doe paused and looked directly at me. She stood there for awhile and then made her way back into the treed area. This was a wonderful sign from spirit that I had made a choice that lead to a precious moment and a connection of souls.

The second story contains the opposite lesson. In the middle of June, Jackie (my most recent administrative assistant) chose to focus on her family, plus she’s going back to university in September. In my previous tenacious fashion, I came home from Ignatius the following week all determined to get my second quarter books completed. The universe had other plans. Eden, our matriarchal feline, didn’t want me working. After she clawed my chair several times, I got up from this computer, walked down the hallway to pet her at her feeding station. She was really looking for attention and trying to ground me. After repeating this process many times, I decided to pick her up. One of her nails caught in the food mat and spilled her water and food everywhere. After reassuring Eden and cleaning up the dry food, I walked to the bathroom for a towel to mop up the water. This is when I went flying. For the first time, the universe knocked my feet out from under me. My right baby toe hit the railing hard before I landed on my tush. My right foot became very swollen and bruised. Someone commented that it looked like I’d been stepped on by a horse. Since horses were our ally and teacher in June (see the Monthly Focus from Lori Wilson and her spirit guide Grandmother), this comment was completely appropriate. 

Since these two incidents, I am really pausing to make choices that feel best at the time. I will continue to be more discerning with what fills me up and what drains me. If you’ve had a session with me recently, you know that I’m giving everyone options and asking you to choose what feels best in each moment. And as synchronicity would have it, as I was typing out these stories, a friend called to reschedule our brainstorming session. I, and others, are learning to discern and trust what is right in each moment. What in your life needs more discerning?

With discernment

Postscrip… My right foot has healed quickly. The bruising was gone within six days thanks to Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, other types of energy medicine, and homeopathics.