Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.


Posted July 4, 2017

I frequently ponder human evolution. In undergraduate, I was fascinated by Charles Darwin and Aldous Huxley and the controversy they created with theories of evolution that went beyond the beliefs and religious teachings of that time. 

Now I wonder if we are at another such turning point in human history and human evolution? Is interest in energy medicine and intuition mounting as humans turn towards a new understanding of our connections and intertwining?

With reading “The Celestine Prophecy”, it gave me a revised framework to see most of the insights that have happened in my life. The philosophy is that by noticing coincidences, you can facilitate your evolution. About nine years ago, my life was filled with synchronicity. For example, Steve and I kept running into each other around Guelph and even once in Toronto. The evolution process shifts to a focus on human history and developing a new world view, including attention to energy flow. For me, the connection with and awareness of energy began almost seven years ago when I took my first energy healing course. With an open heart and a stream of love, staying connected to this universal stream of energy has become a daily practice.

The evolution and insights continue by clearing ancestral patterns, which for me began with our dad’s passing in 2008 and continued with the Mexica training in 2013 and 2014. Having my own healing practice is the evolution of my true self as I facilitate others opening up to their intuition and trusting the answers we receive. With more and more people opening up to their intuition, I believe that we are evolving and moving our species to a new level. The idea that human spirituality is evolving is fascinating. I have noticed this happening within myself and around me. What are you noticing, feeling, intuiting? How are you evolving?

Come to an Intuition Share, a Mystic Tea or a Light Language event and see how your intuition can evolve.

With love and light for humanities future!