Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.

Focusing Forward

Posted July 22, 2020

It is time for me to focus forward on my purpose and what this world needs. Recently, I have felt pulled backwards into the drama and discussions around what is happening on our planet. My scientific side has studied some of the research and come to my own conclusions. Intuitively, I know that humanity is transitioning into our next evolution.

Based on many indigenous legends, we are moving towards the Sixth Sun, a time of human awakening and activation. In the past, I’ve had a tendency to look over my shoulder and see who is following and what others are doing. My old pattern was to try to pull others along and encourage them. That  pattern no longer has value. I am loving the learning and healing that I am doing  As I shift out of and heal my old patterns, I am grateful that I am alive at this time. My version of the Sixth Sun is beautiful and has an amazing feeling of higher vibration and ultimate evolution. My focus is now on what I can do to continue my awakening and facilitate activation in others who are ready.

I am more realistic than I have been at times in the past. I know and understand there will be more challenges ahead as we learn a new way of being gentle to ourselves and this planet. By focusing on the future we feel and dream, it is possible.

Where are you in this journey? What are you focusing upon? Can you direct your focus on something healing, awakening, and enlightening?

Enjoy exploring what holds your focus!

Please enjoy this channeled message from Spirit, to myself, via the lovely Jessica Short.