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I am mercury free. Are you?

Posted December 4, 2015

Mercury FreeDo you still have “silver” or “metal” fillings? These are the metal based fillings composed of metallic mercury (up to 50%), silver (approximately 35%), tin, copper, and zinc (approximately 15%).

In the last two months, I have had four amalgam fillings removed – two on my left upper side and two on my right side.

Upper Mercury Fillings

Three metal fillings containing approximately 50% mercury in my upper teeth

Years ago, I investigated having these fillings removed and read information from both camps:

  • Those who thought leaving them in place as long as they were intact was the best course of action (or inaction).
  • The second school of thought was that we never should have had these metals in our mouths in the first place so get them out as quickly and safely as possible.

Back then, I chose to leave my metal fillings in place as who likes dental surgery anyway?

On December 1st 2015, I had my last two mercury amalgam fillings removed. All four fillings were removed in the safest manner known today. The precautions taken by Dr. Ali Farahani and his knowledgeable, friendly staff[1] included:

Activated charcoal slurry on teeth

The activated carbon slurry was applied to my teeth, mouth, tongue and throat to minimize digestive absorption.

  • Activated charcoal was used to coat the inside of my mouth and upper throat,
  • Additional activated charcoal slurry was ingested before removal,
  • Use of clove essential oil and a dental vibe prior to needle placement to minimize the discomfort of the local anesthesia,
  • Specialized mercury filters were in the room to capture any mercury that vaporized,
  • A mercury clean-up suction device was used to isolate each individual tooth,
  • Fillings were removed in chunks rather than being drilled out,
  • Ultra-low digital radiography was used to reduce radiation exposure,
  • Fillings were replaced with ceramic and composite plastic[2],
  • Support with homeopathic compounds and essential oils, and
  • Advice on full body organ (e.g., liver, kidney, intestinal) support.

What caused my change of heart? The impetus was because one of these fillings was loosening. In addition, I am now sensitive enough to feel the effects of the heavy metals on my body.

I also did some additional research on the toxicity of mercury fillings in preparation for my talks to the Lyme disease support group meetings in Hamilton and North York. Mercury is a highly toxic element. It is connected in some way to most chronic diseases (e.g., cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease). Basically, it is another stressor on your body that reduces your immune system functioning.

So again, I wonder why we have these fillings in the first place.

I am really excited to be mercury free!

My next step is to eat detoxifying foods to heal. If you choose to have your metal fillings removed, select a dentist certified by IAOMT and make sure you consult your naturopath, holistic nutritionist, energy practitioner, or alternative health care provider to ensure your body is supported through the detoxification process.

Ceramic Close

My upper teeth after replacement of the metal fillings with ceramic and composite fillings.

If you still have mercury fillings, you might want to watch:

(I have the full length Mercury Undercover, if you want to borrow it)

Now make up your own mind…

For others who want to see the research for themselves, below are some of the additional resources that I uncovered[3]:

Written by Roxana Roshon (Ph.D. in Toxicology)
Holistic Energy Practitioner
December 2015

[1] No financial compensation or reduction in dentistry fees was received for this notation.
[2] Dentistry uses of plastics accounts for parts per billion of bisphenol A (BPA) exposure.
[3] This list is not extensive or all inclusive.  It is an overview of some references that I found interesting.