Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.

Immune System Boosting

Posted April 3, 2020

I’m excited to be living at this time when our paradigm is changing. Every day, I learn more about how my Ph.D. in Toxicology and Environmental Biology connects with my passion for Energy Medicine. Both the science geek and intuitive parts of me are fascinated by my new set of vials from Total Body Modification. Each vial has been charged, using a vintage radionic device, to express the energetic equivalent of the particular substance and deliver the appropriate healing pattern. The set I ordered contains the vibration of a whole range of microorganisms. Frequently, CoVid-19 is found with a co-infection so other microorganism need to be screened. Since these vials arrived earlier this week, I have been using them with every distance client. I have felt energetic shifts with each client whether they have been exposed or are just carrying global fear around this virus. Other TBM practitioners are also experiencing successful treatments showing symptom reduction and quicker recovery. 

This information on Energy Medicine is additional to any from Public Health, your health care provider, Western Medical doctor, or Naturopathic practitioner.

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