Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.

Louis Finds a Home

Posted October 4, 2018

For all of you who followed Louis’ story, it is with great excitement that Steve and I announce that our foster cat, Louis, has found his “purrfect” home.
Back during the August intuition share, I was guided to ask the group if anyone knew of someone willing and ready to adopt Louis. One of our younger intuitive participants shared that her mom might be interested. Her mom had recently lost a cat and was fond of black ones.
On Sunday September 9th, Louis had his bags packed (litter box filled with eco-liter, dry and wet food, treats, favourite toys) and eagerly awaited his chariot to his new home and spa. He loves being brushed every day and having his bed by the fireplace. In particular, he is exceptionally pleased to be an “only cat”.
In the words of Louis’ new mom “What a delightful boy he is! He is the most “Zen” cat with whom I have ever shared my home. He appears to be very comfortable here. I was a little concerned that he might be unhappy not going outside, but has not been a problem at all. He enjoys meeting new people and everyone has fallen in love with him. I feel that he has found his “furrever” home. Although he is very relaxed, he loves to race around the apartment like a wild cat. It is quite funny to watch.
Our home has settled down into a more relaxed energy. Eden and Little Miss are enjoying playing in their cat trees and gently with each other. Eden has learned the tooth crunchy game from Little Miss even though she plays it in a more graceful style. Both cats are frequently sleeping with us.
We are grateful to our community that found Louis his new home and all your support.