Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.

Love is Enough

Posted February 10, 2022

In February, our minds often move to Valentine’s Day and the Western view that love intensifies one day per year. I’ve been opening my heart to love for many years. Yet, I also experience heavy emotions. I look at these as opportunities to continue my healing journey. Various external factors are encouraging me to grow and expand. I am releasing expectations and attachments. As part of my personal healing tool box, I am spending lots of time in nature, grounding and hugging grandparent trees. 

In client sessions, we also transform fear into love. Individually, it is important to observe and recognize fear, anger, frustration, guilt, and grief. At this point in human history, we need to allow fear and other heavy emotions to move through us. As they shift, we understand and recognize who we are becoming. Living in love every day is important. Recognizing the humanness of the whole range of emotions is beneficial. Understanding that we all have good days and days in which we need practice. 

February is definitely a “practice month” for me and many people I know. Feel the heavy emotions moving through us. Join me in manifesting the best outcome possible. Together, let’s manifest more love in this world.

With love and gratitude to everyone of you,


Holistic Energy Practitioner