Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.

Moon Cycles

Posted November 10, 2020

I’ve always loved watching the moon as she rises and sets. Her shimmering colours capture my imagination. I relax by laying on the ground looking up as the stars and moon journey across the night sky.

Starting in 2014, I really felt the energetic pull and shift from the moon. That February, Steve and I went to Mexico to continue our Mexica training. Steve did a two-week Nahuatl language intensive, we spent a week as tourists in Mexico City, and we did our second spiritual pilgrimage into the ancient Toltec culture. During one of our self-directed excursions to the Zocalo and the ancient ruins, Templo Mayor, that were being excavated, I started journaling and channeling. I spelled out Metztli and asked Steve for the translation. Surprised, he shared that is the Nahuatl name for the moon. It was after this trip that I started paying more attention to the moon cycles. Since we are mainly water, it makes sense that the moon influences our balance.

With the moon being full twice in October and the second full moon landing on Halloween and the Day of the Dead, my energy has returned to focus on Metztli and her healing properties. In the Nahuatl tradition, Metztli is a deity of the moon and night. Our night-time dreams are important for our individual and collective healing. A few of my October dreams have been supportive of myself and friends as we journey through these collectively healing times.  

How is the moon’s cycle influencing you?