Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.

Out of the Box

Posted May 4, 2017

Life is changing rapidly. It really feels like now I can say that I am “Out of the Box”. And I’m not going back in…

April was filled with steps forward. I spent a lot of time writing. On Friday April 21st, I submitted the first draft of my book chapter entitled “A Peak into the World of Energy Medicine” to the editor of the textbook with the provisional title “Holistic Healing: Theories, Research and Practices”. It feels good to have moved forward with this venture. I’ve since received comments from the editor, including: “Thank you for your wonderful chapter about energy healing. It is great! Your writing is very clear and academic. I found your personal story very interesting and all of your examples. I love the illustrations too.You now have the framework, so the focus can be on adding and modifying some material. Your chapter will make a major contribution to our book for sure.”  I am now in the process of incorporating the editor’s suggestions. As this process has unfolded, I have realized that by combining the science and energy healing worlds, I am leaving behind the boxes that others enjoyed putting me in. As this process continues, I will keep you updated on the expected publication date.

A special thanks to my brother at the Art of John Roshon for assistance with the graphics of the seven main chakras and the meridians. He is also making steps to change his life and career path.

The Transformational Wellness Fair on April 29th was very well attended and part of my exodus from the old standards. Mark Auger’s story of conquering cancer through integrative healing techniques was inspirational and previewed in Markedly: A Healing Journey. After Western Medicine diagnosed his cancer as inoperable,incurable and terminal, he was deemed “markedly improved” after using diet, meditation and energy healing techniques. This very uplifting and thought provoking documentary will be released on DVD this summer.

Pause for a moment and consider any boxes that it is time for you to leave…