Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.


Posted December 5, 2016

PeaceMy favorite yoga instructor handed out this mantra at the end of a recent class. It feels appropriate to share it with you at this time of year. Maintaining an inner peace while others are in a state of constant busyness, is important to me.

November was a month of learning with my taking three very stimulating courses:

Reiki Level 1 with Heather Embree
Artist Intution™ with Lori Wilson and Kelly Woodruff
Live Cell Microscopy with Health House in Markham

All three courses are part of my background learning for the book chapter I am writing. After saying that I didn’t need another modality, I decided that if I was going to write about Reiki that I should experience it. I was pleasantly surprised at the differences between Reiki and Therapeutic Touch. They both have their strengths and will appeal to different people. My understanding of Reiki is that it connects to the universal life energy and allows it to flow from the practitioner into the recipient. After this first Reiki attunement, I immediately found that Reiki brought forward a sense of peace and calm.

My favorite course was Artist Intution™  During this course, I was able to shed my fears about going public with the book chapter, release old paradigms around creativity, start putting pen to paper, spend time with amazingly talented people, and really see how everything is connected.

snow-globe-peaceI will admit that maintaining my inner peace during the live cell microscopy course was incredibly challenging. The traffic in Toronto, the energy of over 6 million people in the GTA,  sleeping in a hotel and eating restaurant meals tested my inner calm. Every morning and evening, I would read more about Reiki, review the Reiki principles, breath deeply, plus energetically clear myself and the hotel room. I am grateful that I have all these tools to revert to a peaceful state.

May you, your family and friends experience a new version of peace over this holiday season!

Roxana and Steve