Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.

Raising our Vibrations

Posted March 5, 2021

Welcome to March. The wonderful sunshine feels like spring and new beginnings are around the corner. 

I’ve been paying attention to what feeds my soul and raises my vibration. When I am frustrated and feel tired, I know that my energy is weakened and drained. The importance of keeping our vibrations high is connected to how we evolve as a species and move into elevated dimensions.

In this newsletter, I’ve highlighted events and workshops that utilize our inner wisdom to keep it active. Check out the Cacao Ceremony, the Spring Equinox Celebration, Intuition Share, and Mindful Mending. For years, smudging has been one of my favourite ways of caring for my energy field. See this month’s book review and the YouTube videos and for tips and tricks on Smudging with incense and sage bundles

Over the past month, some of the things that have contributed to my feeling joyous,  energized, and connected, include:

-Blazing trail on my snowshoes through knee deep snow
-Cross-country skiing on a frozen lake
-Making snow and ice angels
-Skating on a community rink
-Yoga over ZOOM
-Walking in nature
-Sitting in stillness
-Colouring mandalas
-Smudging on a daily basis
-Watching a brilliant full moon on a starlit night
-Helping friends
-Listening closely
-Feeling pieces of my path come together
-Knowing that my vibration raises the energy of others

How are you paying attention to your energy field? What frequency is your vibration? Check out the resources below to keep your vibration moving upwards.

Raising Our Vibrations,