Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.


Posted May 1, 2019

This spring, my mantra became:

“In this moment, as in every moment, I am serene.”

This feeling of serenity always has been incredibly easy to maintain at Ignatius. The beauty of the land, plus the peace of the building, and the calmness of the other practitioners all contribute to being serene while at Ignatius. And serenity is a feeling that I love!

As unexpected as it may sound, for the last year I struggled with serenity at home. Some of you may have read the story of how Louis disturbed our peaceful home. In a very 3-D way of trying to accommodate Louis as a third cat into our home, we invited a third person to share our house. My home treatment room had sat empty for 1.5 years when I worked downtown and then moved to Ignatius. We were optimistic that having a third person in this room sharing cat duties would allow harmony to return.

We were sadly mistaken. Having a third person lead to chaos on many levels. A leaking shower. Unexpected dental work. A hoard of teenagers line dancing in our living room. Another very powerful opportunity to explore our shadow sides. The lack of peace and quiet was very disturbing to our inner harmony. Steve and I both understand how we created the chaos by not being able to say “No” and set boundaries with a stray cat and a distant relative.

On April 17th, Steve and I were both pleasantly pleased at how quickly our home’s energy returned to a serene state. We will continue to enjoy our serene home. And if any other strays land on our doorstep, we will intuit deeply to ensure our serenity is always our first priority.

In this moment and every moment, I am serene.