Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.

Time for Change

Posted June 9, 2017

Back in 2005, two friends died of cancer within six months. Martin, with whom I shared an office at the toxicology laboratory, passed in February of lung cancer. Jane, who was a really good friend through graduate school and from our neighbourhood, transitioned in August.  When Jane was receiving chemotherapy, she hosted a potluck. I remember her reaching into the oven to pull out a casserole when her synthetic wig started to melt. At that moment, I decided to grow my hair extra long in order to donate it (see photos below).

It was during those months that I realized how precious life is. I came to the realization that it was important for me to do something of altruistic value with my life. At that point, I made many life changes including taking courses in permaculture, which led to the holistic energy training.

When I started my holistic training, I figured that I would not want to work with any life-threatening ailments. Recently, I have realized that my style of energy healing goes deep to the underlying cause. Now, I am working with clients who are undergoing chemotherapy, are cancer conquerors, and have other deep underlying physical and emotional wounds. Bringing the issues to the surface and gently healing the past is how these patterns are changed.

How do you feel about change? Are there things in your life that you know require adjustment, modification or change? What have you changed recently in your life? When we ponder these questions, we start finding the answers. And the answers all lie within us…

With gratitude,


Me and my hair that I’ve been growing since October 2013. This is the third time that I have donated my hair since I began in 2007.



   My hair all braided and ready for cutting… Then the scissors came out and…
   We end up with eight braids, which are being donated to make wigs. I’ve heard that it takes the hair (8″ or longer) from approximately eight donations to make a good quality wig out of human hair. I wonder where this wig will end up.
  My short, ready for summer, new hairdo. Thanks to Anne Carter, at Aqua Wyndham Hair Salon for the great cut and style. The outer change is mirroring my inner change.