Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.

Time to Receive

Posted August 8, 2019

     Summer is the perfect time to recharge. Spending time in nature, whether it’s a back yard, a beach, a cottage, or your other favourite spot, allows us to rebuild our energy and our strength. 

     Recently, I observed that I was spending a lot of my time and energy giving to others. In our society, we are taught that “it is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). I am exploring moving towards balance between the giving and the receiving. I’ve worked with this one before and now it is coming forward in a new light. The ancestral and familiar patterns were coming forward and were ready to be released.

   Energetically, it makes sense that what we give needs to be in balance and harmony with what we receive. Otherwise, over time we become drained, tired, and fatigued. The idea of “taking” comes with its own set of heavy emotions, including guilt, fear, and shame. In fact, many of us Lightworkers have felt that it was our duty or responsibility to carry the heaviness of others. When we receive with gratitude and love, it creates a beautiful exchange. I’ve often told clients that I am energized and replenished during sessions because I allow myself to receive the same gifts that they are receiving. It is time to give ourselves permission to receive. Are you ready to receive?

In Balance between Receiving and Giving,


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