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Vibrational Medicine

Posted October 14, 2022

On Monday April 18th, 2022, I received a phone call from Russ Mater, a teacher, a colleague, and a friend. He was excited because he just received his InfopathyGlowing IC Pad and wondered if he could practice with me. I agreed and received a treatment the next day. We selected a combination of throat and lunginfoceuticals (ICs) because these areas have been points of weakness in my body for decades. During the session, I felt energy shifting and draining on the right side of my throat and lungs.

The next day, I researched this fascinating technology and purchased my own Glowing IC Pad.  It arrived within two business days.
The synchronicity continued… On Saturday April 30th, I listened to a dental surgeon speak about how Vibrational Medicine will become the preferred treatment in the future. I was blown away by how everything came full circle.
Steve and I have been using Infopathy regularly since then. I’ve also explored using it with a few clients and friends to determine how beneficial it is. Most people have been amazed at how it shifts their energy. 
About twelve years ago, when I started delving into Energy Medicine, I heard of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and the bio-frequencies he was using in the 1920s and 1930s to assist with people’s recovery from otherwise terminal illnesses. The Infopathy system has 300 ICs based on Rife frequencies. Here’s another independent assessment of Dr. Rife, his microscope technology, and his oscillatory rates. Currently, there are over 2250 different programs, of which 140+ are complimentary. I’ve been impressed at how regularly  new ICs are added.

Back in my toxicology days, I would listen to binaural beatsa type of sound therapy, to assist with sleep and concentration. Currently, Infopathy has 118 Audible programs that are similar to the binaural beats. These Audibles allow your left and right hemispheres to be brought back into balance through sound.  

Since obtaining our device, there have been several experiences that convinced us of its efficacy.
1) Steve and I have two female cats, Eden (tabby with white patches) and Little Miss (black). Eden had a sensitive digestive system. At the time of this writing, Infopathy has 165 Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs) and 104 Imprints that are beneficial for animals. Since using a combination of imprints (3 Basics for Life, Essential Omega-3Gastrointestinal Recharge, and Probiotic Support for GI & Immune Health) on Eden’s drinking water, they have preferentially been drinking from that water bowl. They have four water bowls on two floors. The bowl with the imprinted water is routinely licked dry. In fact, you can often hear Eden’s tongue rasping on the bottom of the metal bowl. One cat sitter even texted us to confirm that they prefer the Infopathy water as she isn’t used to cats finishing a bowl of water overnight. Eden’s tummy feels much better now. And as an added bonus, her coat has become thicker.
2) Decades ago, I had knee surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). I actually spent my 25th birthday in the hospital recovering from this surgery. Since then, Western Medicine, using X-ray technology, diagnosed that my right knee has started developing arthritis. Never being one to let anyone else slow me down or tell me what my body needs, I’ve been using PEMFs for knee pain relief and arthritis pain. One of the programs that convinced me to purchase my Glowing IC Pad was a free audible for Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.   

3) Steve is an avid cyclist. When he cycles 100+ kms, he’s been trying the Post Workout Recovery and Electrolyte Plus imprints in his drinking water. He has been very pleased with how his body recovers much faster than expected.

If your intuition is recommending that you purchase your own Infopathy transfer device, you can use the discount code “ROXANA10” to receive a 10% discount on the last page of checkout. Follow this link to find out more information on Infopathy:

If you live a distance from Guelph, you might instead want to purchase your Infopathy device and have it shipped directly to you. Shipping to me has been within two to three business days. On the Infopathy website, there are other transfer devices, like the Hummer (pictured here) that you can purchase.

Is your curiosity piqued? If so, contact me for upcoming workshops on this amazing technology.