Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.


Posted September 26, 2019

Over the last four months since receiving my copy of Holistic Healing: Theories, Practices, and Social Change, I have really been staring my vulnerability in the face. This vulnerability has come in many forms as we approach the October 4th book launch in Toronto. On October 4th, I will be standing in front of an academic audience discussing the power of Energy Medicine. This will be my first time going public in a large way with this immense career shift. 

I know that this public presentation on energy medicine, including Reiki, acupressure points, chakra healing, and Emotional Freedom Technique, is another step forward in my purpose of bringing Energy Medicine to the forefront of human consciousness.   

My vulnerability has taken many forms and been displayed in various venues. My gratitude to all my friends, colleagues, students, and mentors who have witnessed my vulnerability and held space while my energy shifted forward. I know that some of you will be present in Toronto on October 4th and those who can’t attend will be there energetically.

During this process of opening to my vulnerability in public, I have read and reread these quotes from Brené Brown. As my heart and soul keep opening to my vulnerability, I know that I will be my best self on Friday. 

May we all find our vulnerability and our courage in meaningful moments.