Nurturing Your Inner Garden - Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist, Ph.D.

Walking Through and Releasing Fear

Posted November 3, 2017
This summer, Steve and I became care takers of three cats. Eden has been with us for 6 years and has been enjoying her “only cat” status for the last year. In the spring we adopted a black female kitten that a friend found in her backyard. Then, in September, we brought in a middle aged male cat, now named Louis, that showed up on another friend’s front porch. As we have watched the three cats settle in, I’ve been intrigued with the underlying fear between Eden and Louis. Both cats have been chased up trees by a neighbor’s dog. They have also expressed fear, aggression, plus fight and flight towards each other. The kitten just wants to play with everyone!
As we work through these cat dynamics, I’ve also been paying attention to the fear that I and people around me are exhibiting.
I have my own fears, yet have always tried to work through them. Leaving my mainstream job and then moving my healing practice into a public venue were  two of my big ones. Yet there are other things of which I have not been afraid. When I was 21, I drove by myself from Winnipeg to Pennsylvania and back checking out universities where I could undertake my M.Sc. The customs guard could not understand why I would want to make the trip by myself. 🙂 In my twenties I would frequently go for an evening / night run in Winnipeg and Sudbury, against the advice of many people I knew.
Another few of my recent fears include not wanting to feel like I was giving up, breaking a contract, and letting down a friend. In October, I felt the energetic winds of autumn forcing me to move through all these fears. I have come out the other side much better. So, not to keep you in suspense… I am leaving the Guelph Wellness House and will be working from Orchard Park on the Ignatius property just north of Guelph starting January 1, 2018. I am really looking forward to the grounding and quiet this land provides (more about this in our December and January newsletters).
For me, facing my fears has been such a big part of my healing journey. This has involved learning to say “Yes, I am afraid and I am not sure where this path will lead.” And walking forward through the fear with inner strength, honour, and courage. Most importantly, I am finally surrounded by my support network of family, friends, colleagues and other holistic practitioners.
What fears are you facing? Are any of them holding you back? Willing to start exploring the things that have been limiting you? Let’s clear your fears together so you can move forward.